Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick, I Need a Hat!

I had about a quarter of a yard of white fleece I've been carting around forever (I have a hard time throwing cloth away) that I finally found a use for.  We were asked to be on a float in our town's Christmas Parade, and, although this is Texas, I knew it would be cold (unfortunately it was so cold and windy that Ellie and I ended up not doing it, but still...).  So the night before I googled for a baby fleece hat pattern and used this one (basically), to make this cute little cap.

When I first made it I centered the earflaps directly on the sides, but when I put it on her I realized they would work a lot better if they were a little farther back.  So when we got home I picked out the flaps and adjusted them back about an inch.  And I embroidered a cute little snowflake on the front.
So here it is in its finished state.  Instead of string that tie under, I attached a snap to the end of the tie and the other side of the flap so it just snaps together.  I would have prefered to use some velcro, but I'm all out.  I also used a decorative wave stitch on my machine in pink to edge to ear flaps, the tie, and the top of the brim.  I love it and it was super easy to do.  I would say all total it took me about 30 minutes.

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