Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ellie's Blessing Dress

I recently taught myself how to embroider in order to do this dress.  I used an amazing book that has great instructions and images, if your interested it's called The Embroider's Handbook by Margie Bauer.  I did lattice smocking on the yoke of the dress.

I found a pattern online for the embroidery that I modified on my computer (it was originally for a corner, so with some fancy cutting and pasting and blowing up, I got a nice edge pattern). 

I must say, for my first go at embroidery, I'm pretty happy.  I did some pretty basic stitches, namely satin stitching, colonial knots (center of roses), stem stitching, and fly stitches (for the leaves).

And I made it big enough for her to keep wearing for a few months (in fact, she wore it to church last Sunday).  I also didn't want to do the traditional all white thing because if I was going to go to so much effort I wanted to get a lot of wear out of it.  Here she is wearing it for her blessing, being loved by my friend Tiffanie.

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